Infinite Nomad was conceived around 2005 and finally founded in 2007. The goal was to explore all kinds of microtonal tunings and techniques, but always with a good composition / song in mind.
A first album was written in 2008 and subsequently recorded. It was one of the very first microtonal albums in metal history.
In 2018, the project was resurrected with new members: Lee Fisher (Psyopus, Commit Suicide) on Drums, Eeli Helin (Mireplaner, Fawn Limbs) on Vocals, Sylvia Hinz (Coma Cluster Void, XelmYa) on Bass.


  • Intrusion (Album, 2008)
  • Luminuous Throat (Single, 2018)
  • "New Album (TBA)" (Album, 2019)

Current Line-Up

  • Jeanne Strieder - Guitars and Zithers
  • Lee Fisher - Drums
  • Eeli Helin - Vocals
  • Sylvia Hinz - Bass


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