Coma Cluster Void was found in 2013/2014 by Jeanne Comateuse. In Coma Cluster Void, she combines the instrumentation of modern metal with her techniques of dissonant harmony and dissonant melody.
The Album "Mind Cemeteries" was released August 26th 2016. The successor "Thoughts From A Stone" was released October 13th 2017.


1. Mind Cemeteries (2016)
2. Thoughts From A Stone (2017)
3. TBA (2021)


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Mike DiSalvo - Guttural Vocals (2015 - present)
Jeanne Comateuse - Guitars (2013 - present)
Sylvia Hinz - Bass Guitar, Mezzosoprano, Bass Recorder (2013 - present)
Austin Taylor - Guttural Vocals (2015 - present)
Genevieve DiSalvo - Spoken Words and Guttural Vocals (2015-2019)
Lindsay O'Connor - Guttural Vocals and Clean Vocals (since 2019)
Mike Ranne - Drums (since 2019)
Chris Burrows - Drums (2015-2018)

Mind Cemeteries

Thoughts From A Stone


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Tab of the song "Mind Cemeteries"
(10-String Guitars & 5-String Bass

Tab with NotationTab

This little guide tries to covers just some of the connections between the riffs and motifs on TFAS.
ts intention is to provide a bit of an insight into this 22 minute piece of music, as well as an invitation to explore more connections!