Catenation first evolved 1996, went on a hiatus for some time, and was remodelled in 2012 featuring the artists Sylvia Hinz and Jeanne Strieder. They combine live performance, improvisation, visual and audio art.
Their unique music can be described as a mixture of industrial, metal, doom, noise and ambient.
Catenation use the following instruments: recorders (from soprano to sub double bass), guitars, old tape machine, defect cassette recorder, voices, welding machine, driller, piano, prepared piano, percussion, 386dx computer with fm-soundcard, violin, wrenches, hammers, effects, distortion, ...


  • Rooms 01-08 (Album, 1996-2012)
  • "New Album (TBA)" (Album, 2019)


  • Sylvia Hinz and Jeanne Strieder


Recent Live Performance