last remains of empathy ~ clotted into sounds

Jeanne Strieder, born 1980 in Germany, is a composer and artist.
Her music has its origin in both the european modernism and current forms of contemporary music, as well as the achievements of cultures outside of europe.
She is also interested in innovative forms of the underground music scenes, e.g. metal and glitch.
The music she writes, exclusively depicts inner processes, being an expression of emotional, intellectual and philosophical content, conveyed just through the music itself.
The interest in working cross-borders also showed up on her internationally acclaimed Metal ensemble “Coma Cluster Void” and "Infinite Nomad", which combine the instrumentation of modern metal with her techniques of dissonant art music.
As an artist, she is working with digital, traditional and mixed media. As a producer, she worked with renowned artists of the metal scene.
Her music is performed around the world, in e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and USA.